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At BridgeView Marketing Corporation, we understand that using a website is a personal experience and that absorbing an online message is an interaction—a conversation. That website content and design are about making connections between ideas, concepts and people.

Website development professionals who care about your success!

Beyond world-class public relations, BridgeView provides copy writing, website design and web-development services including new website design, e-commerce development, landing pages for PR campaigns, website redesign, website maintenance, online advertising, and mobile website design and development.

We also offer hosting, design, development, and promotion of any kind of B2B or industrial web presence.

When it comes to great website design, e-commerce websites or mobile sites, incorporating a few key solutions can make or break a successful business. These include:

At BridgeView, we work with the most up-to-date web page design coding strategies and search engine algorithms to design websites that are flexible enough to work for our clients’ unique and changing business needs, but also powerful enough to consistently rank at the top of the search engines.

We have qualified in-house staff who are educated in all of the current web software programs, including CMS programs such as PHP, Joomla, Drupal, HTML5 and the latest trends in mobile website marketing including Mobile9 and other application providers. At a minimum, our designers and developers possess a college degree in software web design.

All day long, our team creates, maintains and improves websites—which means that we are constantly on the look-out for ways to lead the Internet revolution (In fact, one of our web guys is already called the Grandfather of Internet Marketing by many industry folks.).

We are not starving artists looking to make this month’s rent, a relative of your next-door neighbor’s kid, or a PC store that’s getting into the website design and development business.

We are a highly experienced and professional website design and website development company that understands business.

Proven and cost-effective online marketing and sales tools and services

We’ve been building websites and helping companies as partners for years. As a result, we’ve developed a website design process that’s based on the following core tenets:

  1. We’re all about functionality that works for your business—and to us, good functionality means simple and it means flexible.
  2. We address all of your technology needs up-front, and then build a website that meets those needs for today and into the future.
  3. Our website design professionals take the time to learn about your business and create a custom solution that meets your needs—not someone else’s.
  4. Not only do we build you a webpage that can grow with your business, but we build you a site that can be updated by you or your staff now and into the future.
  5. Because we believe in relationships more than contract limitations, we will be there with extended service and support long after your website is launched.
  6. Our packages are designed to fit your needs—not ours—and your website will be delivered on time and within budget.

Talk with one of our experts! We’ll be happy to chat with you about best practices for integrated PR, web marketing, as well as qualifying and closing leads.

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