BridgeView Marketing delivers a unique blend of high-impact PR, Media Relations, Marketing Communications, Creative Design and Inside Sales services designed to help high-tech companies enhance their brand visibility and drive sales activity.

The BridgeView Marketing Team is experienced and widely respected for its work in connecting its high-tech clients with their targeted audiences. We specialize in a broad range of marketing disciplines and have garnered knowledgeable relationships with analysts, journalists, awards organizations, industry associations, technology providers, industry luminaries among others.

We are proud to offer our high-tech clients the following services:

Public Relations

High-tech media relations, also known as high-tech public relations or high-tech PR is a pillar discipline for BridgeView Marketing Corporation. Our experienced team of analysts and press relations specialists offer decades of corporate and agency experience, having successfully managed programs and campaigns for such companies as Cabletron Systems, Enterasys, Telx, Datapipe, Voyence, IneoQuest, Nortel Networks, SilverBack Technologies, Pannaway Technologies, EMC Smarts, and 3Com Corporation among others. We are well connected with key technology and financial journalists, awards organizations, test labs, and influencers across a broad range of technologies and vertical markets.

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Analyst Relations

A successful analyst relations strategy is guaranteed to enhance the visibility and success of a company's products and services. Industry analysts are among the most important group of influencers both with technology buyers, as well as with the media. BridgeView Marketing Corporation's experienced team of analyst relations specialists have developed personal relationships with industry analysts at all of the top global firms and understand how to leverage these relationships to enhance brand positioning, improve media coverage and drive lead-generation.

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BVM PR Refinement Program

Does your organization already have an internal public relations/communications person or team?

Not every organization needs to retain a PR agency on a full time basis. Some companies just need a plan. The BVM PR Refinement Program enables you to enhance your existing PR program to reflect today’s most advanced techniques and initiatives.  Your team will have access to our specialized staff of high-tech communications experts and we’ll develop a 6-month plan enabling your in-house team to get the maximum benefits from your PR efforts and investments.  This program includes:

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High-Tech Marketing & Communications Planning

BridgeView’s high-tech public relations and marketing programs are customized, integrated and typically include social media and in some cases, search engine optimization (SEO). We’ll work with you to tailor a program that not only meets your specific marketing and communications objectives, but also supports broader business goals including demand-generation. And unlike many established high-tech PR agencies, we are happy to take on programs large or small.

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Marketing Communications

BridgeView Marketing helps technology companies of all types and sizes to launch new products and services and build momentum using an integrated public relations strategy to lead marketing efforts. We specialize in online marketing programs, webinars, HTML email marketing, collateral creation, event marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), web development, and other techniques that help prepare the marketplace for the client's ongoing sales initiatives.

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Creative Design

BridgeView Marketing Corporation provides a wide range of creative design and technical services that help high-tech companies to achieve their business objectives. Whether you need a full website, SEO and company re-brand, a basic website home page redesign, or a full collateral design package, our team has what it takes to get the job done effectively and with the perfect amount of creative flair.

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Brand Identity

In today's competitive high-tech PR market, reliable brand recognition and loyalty is absolutely paramount for a company's continued business growth. BridgeView Marketing Corporation helps clients to gain necessary brand awareness using a blend of momentum-building communications programs designed to project brands into new vertical market segments and business sectors.

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Editorial Services

BridgeView Marketing Corporation provides a wide range of editorial services designed to improve written and electronic communications for our high-tech clients. Our highly-skilled staff writers specialize in the development of targeted copy from the most basic HTML campaigns to advertisements to web sites and company white papers.

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Social Media Marketing

Increase online visibility, reach additional prospects, and convert more customers with search engine optimization (SEO)

BridgeView Marketing Corporation is a full-service PR and Internet marketing company offering cost-effective search engine optimization (SEO) solutions that help B2B and corporate clients reach a wider prospect base and convert more customers.

At BridgeView, we are widely recognized for customizing fully integrated services that include search engine optimization, search engine positioning, search marketing, and a complete menu of SEO services to complement our high-tech public relations, website design and development services.

Creating scalable programs with relevant services provides budgetary value to global, national, regional and local businesses alike.

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Dedicated Search Engine Optimization Specialists

Improving website results through the application of strategic web design and development may include re-imaging, database and e-commerce development, video integration, usability upgrades and similar improvements that work to engage and persuade site visitors.

BridgeView’s search engine optimization specialists utilize proprietary methodology with customized software and analysis tools to create powerful SEO strategies and tactics. Don’t rely on the neighbor’s kid or the store tech to improve your Google ranking and social network viability. Hire a proven leader in SEO: BridgeView.

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Website Analytics

Maximize your website and PR program’s ROI with website analytics and tracking tools

An important aspect of our high-tech PR, SEO and Internet marketing programs involves monitoring and analyzing website traffic using the latest Internet tracking and webmaster tools. This is truly unique in the world of public relations and is a fresh and proven approach to mapping PR to sales ROI.

BridgeView Marketing Corporation is unique in that we provide each of our technology PR clients with a weekly web analytics report highlighting specific web page activity. This site traffic analysis provides an indicator for how well our clients’ public relations, Internet marketing, social networking, marketing communications, and event marketing programs are working.

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Website Design and Website Development

At BridgeView Marketing Corporation, we understand that using a website is a personal experience and that absorbing an online message is an interaction—a conversation. That website content and design are about making connections between ideas, concepts and people.

Website development professionals who care about your success!

Beyond world-class public relations, BridgeView provides copy writing, website design and web-development services including new website design, e-commerce development, landing pages for PR campaigns, website redesign, website maintenance, online advertising, and mobile website design and development.

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