Tools and Talent

We are starting to believe that senior PR and marketing practitioners are like the Gelada Baboon or the Desert Bandicoot –endangered species that are rarely seen. How else to explain their total absence from working on your business day-to-day after the first couple of weeks?

At BridgeView, we won’t subject you to the dreaded “hand off” to junior team members – that’s because we can’t. We actually don’t have any junior team members. None. We’ve all been around the block more times than we care to admit, but we are still fun, full of fire and motivated by good clients and doing great work. We’ve left the press clip book and PR by the pound on the shelf (where it belongs) and embraced social media, search engine optimization, and website analytics for daily updates and tracking. We have the tools that provide full accountability and the talent to deliver measurable returns. That’s not typical, but neither is BridgeView.

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