A Fresh Approach

If you are viewing technology PR and high-tech marketing as a cost and not an investment, you don’t just need a new approach. You need a new agency.

At BridgeView we offer a full spectrum of public relations and marketing services with the personalized service of a boutique agency. But there’s one significant difference. Everything we do is mapped to achieving specific business goals and filling your sales pipeline with potential sales leads. If that’s not happening, what’s the point of retaining an agency?

Generating press in key publications is the easy part of high-tech PR. All you need is an experienced team, a creative pitch and an innovative product or service. The challenge becomes taking your press to a new level that will impact your company’s sales goals.

Our proven approach will enable you to build your brand, increase awareness, expand your social communities, and achieve many other high level communications goals, while our refined model will help you to deliver bottom line, measurable returns. How’s that for a fresh approach?

Our integrated high-tech PR campaigns are based on keen insight into what motivates buyers and influences purchasing decisions. Our programs are proven to work and designed to generate weekly lead suspects. But don’t just take our word for it. You’ll have visibility into the entire process and the metrics and measurements to prove it. You’ll know who is interested in your products and services and where they came from, whether they visit your web site from a press release or respond to a promotion. And if we need to tweak a PR campaign element, you’ll have the actionable information you need to make the best decision.

The BridgeView Difference:

  • Experience: Senior staff members with experience across multiple verticals
  • Affordability: Typically 30% less expensive than our larger competitors
  • Program Measurement: Executive dashboard, program-level monitoring, web analytics
  • Service Breadth: Integrated PR, AR, social media, branding, content writing, web performance

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